Friday, April 24, 2009

The end is near

Raj the new Sexy Sadie ?
(Rajendra Pachauri: Media went gaga over greenhouse-gas guru)

Fear, the True Philosopher’s Stone, Will Save Us All

"inveterate liar"
(Filthy Dreamers)

Still some selling to do
(Political climate for energy policies cools)

In The Name Of Global Warming

Gaia's Right

The Most Important Tool
(Would Galileo buy global warming?)

Restoring science to its right place-the backseat

"Green Pirates"
(Naturalism Has Been Hijacked )

"Aussie Aussie Aussie, OI OI OI"
(I kept an open mind on the road to Washington)

"It's getting deep in here"
(Rising Waters or Rising Rhetoric?)

Climate Change-Phewy
(The modern heresy of true science)

The eyes of Texas are upon you
(Obama's push toward green has some Texans seeing red)

The Game Plan

'misplaced power exists"
(The Climate-Industrial Complex )

Cold Shower
(Pouring cold water on global warming)

"It's extraordinary"
(Global warming policies make it harder on soybean farmers)

Painted into a corner
(All life on planet depends on CO2)

We need Perry
(Global warming, common sense and expert opinion)

"trifling investment of fact"

(Why America Does Not Care About Global Warming)

Willful Blindness
(Climate Model Predictions: It’s Time for a Reality Check)

Truth in Fiction
(Dip into 'State of Fear' for global warming answers)

Now who was it denying reality?
(Pondering Problems with Computer Climate Models: A Note from Michael Hammer )

The Catlin Arctic Fraud

"Gore’s film is Muzak compared with Plimer’s symphony."
(Ian Plimer: A question of faith)

(COMMENTARY: Global-warming politics )

"Like medieval priests"
(Bound to Burn )

"Those Who Fail to Learn"
(Obama’s Science Czar Channels H.G. Wells on Climate Change)

Across the Universe
(Debate continues on Earth climate change and global warming)

"Amber Waves Of Grain"
(A farmer’s view on carbon credits)

A Naturalist View
(Science and soothsaying)

The Mother of All Scares Part 1-Part 2

Holding Hands For Support
(Handling the present period without global warming by Groupthink )

Let Science-Not Hysteria -Guide Us On Climate Change